Visions Missions and Activities

Visions: Helping to build safe, developed, and prosperous modern Mirsarai while retaining rural identity.

Missions: Mirsarai is going to get a new structure in the context of the economic zone. The new social and geographical change requires a concerted effort to bring positive results throughout Mirsarai. Suggestions for the problem, identification, and solutions through research, Noya Dalan is committed to ensuring sustainable development through citizen participation in government development activities that preserve its history, heritage, and cultural elements.


  1. To play a role in the presentation and implementation of problems, identification of solutions through research on various topics including environmental socio-economic
  2. Mirsarai exploring ways to harness all its potential and working to ensure effective use. Involve the common citizen class irrespective of party affiliation as a supporting force of the government.
  3. Branding Mirsarai to the outside world. Conducting various activities to preserve the history, heritage, literature, and culture of Mirsarai.
  4. Archaeological research and study. Preserving, compiling, and practicing folk traditions, and cultural elements of the local people.
  5. Overseeing the implementation of the Mirsarai Master plan formulated by the government and ensuring cooperation and participation of the local community.
  6. To research to capture the positivity of possible new social formats, Creates public awareness and play an effective role in implementation, accelerate socio-economic development
  7. To make students enterprising in the pursuit of knowledge and interested in research through various reading activities including book reading programs, author-reader chats, and reading cycles for psychological development.
  8. To organize symposium seminars on local and public issues. To make it fruitful through the participation of the people and the people’s representatives there.
  9. Long-term disease research Organizing training and creating health awareness.
  10. Thoughts of the older generation and experience sharing to match the meditative experience with the next generation.
  11. Employment of local educated-semi-educated manpower in the economic zone, Provide public awareness guidelines for business success.