Mirsarai Upazila is a place of natural beauty. Mountains in the east, a vast sea in the west, and the people of Mirsarai live in between. Mirsarai, rich in history and tradition, will get a new look within a few years. The largest economic zone in South Asia is formed on the shores of the sea. The 30 billion investments will create jobs for about 1.5 million people in Mirsarai.

The reason for establishing the largest Economic Zone in the country is that its new polarization is going to be driven towards the environment, socio-cultural infrastructure, and above of life here. A lot of people will come in need of action. It is hoped that the people’s economic prosperity will bounce back due to the impact of the Economic Zone. At the same time, the people here have hoped for financial prosperity, including the elimination of unemployment. On the other hand, the impact of environmental imbalances on the pressure of overpopulation can lead to inequality among our common people.

The government is very sincere about development. The government has a positive attitude toward infrastructural development including the employment of local people. The involvement of the people in all these development works of the government plays a role in ensuring sustainable development. In this context, the advent of the research institute “Noya Dalan”.

Far-sighted people will see the near future in the mirror. What kind of changes will be made in Mirsarai in the future in the course of this huge activity centered on the Mirsarai Economic Zone. In keeping pace with that change, how can the local people contribute to the national development by involving themselves in the great sacrifice, MDM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, the then Chairman of BGMEA Economic Zone Chittagong, was the first to present the design for the future after a series of discussions between people of different classes and professions, young and old of Mirsarai. Responding to his call, the Noya Dalan was established based on the consensus of all, irrespective of party affiliation.

Noya Dalan focuses on the current potential crisis and prospects of Mirsarai. It will prepare proposals and implement the implementation process and present them to the appropriate authorities of the government. Noya Dalan will mainly work to reach the needs of the local people to the government. The Noya Dalan will act as a bridge to ensure that the government’s development work is completed smoothly and the local people do not suffer. A research team has been formed by the newly graduated and studying students of Mirsarai from the university under the supervision of experts to do all these works through scientific research.


Mirsarai is going to get the new infrastructure in the context of the economic zone. The old social order will change.  New currents will come in language and culture. The Noya Dalan has been named to positively capture the structural new look in a symbolic sense.

The content of the research:

Noya Dalan has five academic research topics.

  1. Environment
  2. Tradition and culture
  3. Education and health
  4. Socio-economic
  5. Law and justice.